It was down to five cheftestants on last night's episode of Top Chef. The final Las Vegas challenge — the next two shows take place in Napa, California — highlighted the Bocuse d'Or, the world's most prestigious classical cooking competition. A plethora of big name chefs including Thomas Keller and Daniel Boulud, guest judged. Ready to discuss? Keep reading.

  1. Eli's mentor is Richard Blais! How cute is that?
  2. Didn't the video footage of the Bocuse d'Or look about 10 years old?
  3. Kevin thinks Michael and Bryan are too ambitious. Do you agree?
  4. Were you glad to see Jen get her game back?
  5. Were the chefs given more detailed, off-camera instructions on how to create Bocuse d'Or dishes?
  6. If you were Bryan, would you have told Kevin how to sous vide?
  7. With each challenge, is Michael getting more and more mean?
  8. How cool was the surprise? One chef gets to compete at the Bocuse d'Or! I totally saw that coming, how about you?
  9. Did anyone else wonder why Thomas Keller wasn't at judges' table?
  10. Who will take the title?

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Photo courtesy of Bravo