In what may be the world's first pairing of chuck wagons and ceviche, the Top Chef gang went camping this week. In 100-plus degree heat on a dusty dude ranch, the chefs prepared meals over fire pits for a group of hungry ranchers. It looked simultaneously horrible and highly entertaining.

Who do you think looked most home on the range? Let's talk about it when you


  1. Do you like the "high stakes" quickfires more when they win money or immunity?
  2. I feel like we're finally getting to know the contestants; did this episode give you a new perspective on any of the chefs?
  3. Is ceviche this season's scallops?
  4. Is Michael V. too cocky, or does he deserve to be?
  5. Which challenge seemed harder: cooking cactus or cooking at the camp?
  6. Would you want to eat fish on a dude ranch?
  7. Does Tom Colicchio seem to be getting tougher and less polite with each season or is it just me?
  8. How odd was it that Ron made mojitos even though he doesn't drink?
  9. Whose dish would you most want to eat? I'm curious to try Kevin's, since I'm fixated with watermelon and tequila right now.

Did I forget an important point of discussion? Bring it up in the comments.

Photo courtesy of Bravo