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Recap of Top Chef Masters Episode 7

Top Chef Masters: Episode 7

Signature dishes spoke volumes on last night's episode of Top Chef Masters. We kicked off the champions round as the previous episodes' winners — Art Smith, Suzanne Tracht, Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, Michael Chiarello, and Hubert Keller —each returned to make a play at the master title.

Are you still watching? Thankful for the return of episode-by-episode elimination, now that the tournament-style part of the show is over? Then let's discuss when you


  1. Did you love watching the masters in the mise en place relay race? Were you surprised by their skills?
  2. Which chef's signature dish would you rather eat? Whose would you rather reinvent?
  3. Would you rather see the chefs cook for other chefs or for critics?
  4. Seriously, who is funnier: Rick Bayless or Art Smith?
  5. Did you agree that Art Smith's burger looked "terrifying"? How would you have cooked the burger and egg differently?
  6. Did you like the more radical reinventions or the chefs who stayed truer to the dish?

Source: Bravo

Join The Conversation
spacebear spacebear 7 years
1. yes! so excited its back to the one elimination per episode with such great chefs! 2. not sure...they all looked so good! 3. i love them cooking for other chefs. the respect they all have for each other is wonderful and unique compared to other reality shows. 3. art is funnier, rick is WONDERFUL and hubert is dreamy (lol!) 4. it was a little off-putting....5. i wouldve liked a softer boiled egg 6. i liked the radical reinventions because it was them trying to respect the original dish and show their strengths. hooray top chef masters!
iriegurl23 iriegurl23 7 years
I LOVE Top Chef Masters! 1. I really loved the race and I was highly impressed with Anita Lo. She is def the sleeper in this crowd. 2. Anita Lo's Scallops. I would reinvent Suzanne's since it provides a great amount of interpretation. 3. Other chefs. 4. I love them both! 5. I def don't think it was terrifying but I do agree that he should've redone the eggs and maybe flash fried the burgers like a true Scotch Egg. 6. I think that all the chefs did a really great job in staying true to themselves while respecting their peers creations. All in all, def one of my favorite episodes!
mannylove mannylove 7 years
I love Hubert! He is my favorite. This was the best episode of the Masters series so far. I'll watch til the end. I was happy for Anita that she was the winner for this round. Next week looks like it's going to be tough for them.
mlen mlen 7 years
1. i liked watching it cause they seemed to start off slow but then really get into the race as they got more competitive! 2. actually suzanne's dish interested me to eat, and since i'm not much of a cook it might be the easiest to try and reinvent 3. i like when they cook for other chefs- i think other chefs can be critical but at that level there is a level of respect so the other chefs can also relate when a dish goes slightly wrong 4. both are pretty funny but i like hubert! he seems like he's having a great time at it 5. i actually thought it was cool looking! 6. i like how anita reinvented hubert's dish to make it her own, while still embodying the general essence of his- i agree she did the best job at interpretting the challenge
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
1. i actually did like watching it. tom was right - sometimes it's harder for these 'master chefs' since they dont' really have to do that stuff anymore 2. if i ate meat/fish i would say anita - she made scallops and that was one that i think would be ok for me since i used to love scallops 3. oh i don't know - sometimes it's nice to cook for peers even though they can at times be overly critical 4. i adore rick - so he's got my vote 5. i've never been a fan of the 'stuffed' burger - so that just scared me in general. 6. i think that both were great. you have to admit that cooking something that was someone else's dish - and doing it well in their style is hard - but reinventing it brings out creativity.
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