One chef took home the $100,000 prize on the final episode of Top Chef Masters last night. It was a nostalgic show that looked back at the final three chefs' — Michael Chiarello, Rick Bayless, and Hubert Keller — food memories and culinary careers. Did you watch? Let's discuss the details (spoilers ahead) after the break.

  1. After watching the season premiere of Top Chef Vegas, were you sick of TC when the finale began?
  2. Did you think the challenge was fun? I enjoyed the masters enthusiasm for it.
  3. Which chef do you like the most?
  4. How cool was it that they got to cook with their sous chefs? These are the guys who actually do the cooking at their restaurants!
  5. Weren't Michael and Rick's reactions to Hubert's truffles hysterical?
  6. I always feel so relieved when the real TC people come back. Wasn't it great to get the winners together?
  7. Do you think James was amused or offended by Michael's burnt Saveur presentation?
  8. After seeing all four courses, don't you want to eat at the chefs' respective restaurants?
  9. Let's talk judges table: Rick made Gael Greene "shiver all over"? Does James favor Rick? Jay has never had mole?!
  10. Did the best chef win? What other thoughts did you have for the season?