This week's Top Chef was all about classical French cuisine. First, the cheftestants had to show what they could do with escargot, then they partnered up to prepare several different traditional French dishes. The star-studded lineup of judges included Daniel Boulud and Hubert Keller. Want to talk about the episode? Well you know what to do, keep reading!

  1. Tom says Daniel Boulud needs no introduction. Are you that familiar with him?
  2. Have you ever eaten snails?
  3. Were you surprised they sent home the quickfire loser?
  4. Did anyone else wonder why Padma was missing from the quickfire? Was she, perhaps, hungover?
  5. How did Robin confuse her snails for Ron's snails?
  6. I know I've said it before, but doesn't the Voltaggio brothers' food seem way more sophisticated than the rest?
  7. Michael V. and Jen: super cute couple, or what?! Could they be the new Leah/Hosea? They were so flirting during the judges panel!
  8. Ash and Hector: the odd couple that could succeed? Even if Hector isn't gay, I still feel they are the new Team Rainbow.
  9. How cool is it that Kevin got to dine with the famous French chefs and judges?
  10. Were you surprised by who was sent home? I certainly was.

Did I forget an important point of discussion? Please bring it up below!

Photo courtesy of Bravo