Things are winding down on the sixth season of Top Chef Vegas. After last night's episode only six cheftestants remain. Instead of a guest judge that's a chef, the actress Natalie Portman decides the fate of the competitors. It was all about vegetarian food. Did you watch? Let's discuss it after the break.

  1. How cute is Kevin? Don't you want to be a member of his family? His grandma makes him breakfast every morning!
  2. Wasn't it weird that some of the chefs were not familiar with the iconic television shows?
  3. If you were a cheftestant, would you have assumed the challenge was all about steak?
  4. What's your technique for cooking vegetarian?
  5. Didn't the cook-for-the-random-vegetarian-celebrity feel like a challenge we saw on Top Chef Masters?
  6. How much fun did the dinner look? They all kept laughing, joking, and making sexual innuendos! I totally wanted to be at that party.
  7. Who is excited for the first ever Top Chef reunion dinner hosted by Fabio? I am!
  8. Who do you want to win?

Got something else to say? Please discuss it in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of Bravo