On the latest Top Chef, the remaining eight cheftestants have to prove they can work as a team. The quickfire involves blindfolds and the elimination challenge is everyone's favorite, what Padma dubs the "most anticipated episode of the season," restaurant wars. To discuss all the delicious details,


  1. How cute was it when Michael picked his bro?
  2. What did you think of the quickfire? Did the blue team win because Jen set them up with a specific dish?
  3. Were you excited for restaurant wars? I was bummed they didn't have to do decor!
  4. Michael V. says that winning restaurant wars is about the execution. Do you agree?
  5. For some reason, I really enjoyed Jen in this episode. I identified with her when she told Tom she was stressed because she thinks she's superwoman and takes on too much. Did you see a different side of her as well?
  6. During restaurant wars, in past seasons, did they have more time to cook?
  7. What exactly is a billi-bi?
  8. Are the producers keeping Robin around because she is the only person who causes drama?
  9. Who worked the front of the house better? Eli or Laurine?
  10. Were you surprised that Tom said Revolt was the best restaurant restaurant wars had ever seen?

Photo courtesy of Bravo