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Recipe For Ginger Mojito Cocktail 2009-07-29 12:51:19





  1. 1 bunch mint
    1/2 cup sugar (preferably turbinado or demerara)
    1.5 cups lime juice (about 10 limes)
    1 can natural ginger ale soda, such as Santa Cruz Organics
    1/2 cup club soda
    12 to 16 ounces of light rum


  1. Reserve a few sprigs of mint for garnish. With the remaining mint, remove the leaves from the stem and place in the bottom of a large pitcher.
  2. Muddle the mint using a muddler or wooden spoon. About halfway through, add sugar and continue muddling.
  3. Stir in lime juice and rum. Right before serving, add ginger ale and soda.
  4. In each glass, fill with ice cubes and 1.5 to 2 ounces of light rum. Pour mojito mixture over the ice and stir. Garnish with mint and serve.

Makes 8 cocktails.

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