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Get Your Noodle on With These 5 Easy Dinners

Mar 24 2013 - 4:25am

Did you know March is National Noodle Month? It doesn't surprise us that 31 whole days are dedicated to the versatile food — it's the basis of so many delicious meals and lets all cooks, no matter what their level, get creative in the kitchen. To honor the staple, we've rounded up five recipes to make this week. Consider it a nod to some of our favorite noodlelicious dishes.

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Pick up some cut-and-peeled butternut squash from the store to shave a significant amount of prep time in this vegetarian squash lasagna [1].

Shrimp and Rice Noodle Stir-Fry

No more ordering pad Thai for takeout: we like to think of this as the perfect light Spring dinner. Cook up an easy-to-make shrimp, cilantro, and rice noodle [2] meal, and you'll find that it's just as tasty as it is fresh.

Chicken Noodle Soup

There's a reason why songs are named after it and why it's considered a cure for the common cold — there's something so comforting and catchy about a legit chicken noodle soup [3] recipe. Try out this one that's made from fresh chicken breast, whole pieces of vegetables, dill fronds, and al dente egg noodles.

Asian Noodle Salad

The star of the dish may be the flank steak, but the al dente rice noodles in this Asian noodle salad [4] are not to be overlooked. With its fresh lettuce and herbs, this salad is certain to leave you completely satisfied.

Truffle Mac and Cheese

We dare say we've got a truffle mac and cheese recipe [5] that takes the dish to a whole new level. Watch the video to learn how to mix the tube noodles with three types of cheese and truffle butter: it's a velvety stove-top version of the most umami-packed mac kind.

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