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Reminder to Check the Expiration Date on Pantry Items

Don't Forget to Check the Date on Pantry Items

Over the weekend, I went to make a dish that involved tarragon-infused olive oil. I had some in the cupboard, but couldn't remember the last time I used it. A quick glance at the date shocked me; it had expired in 2009! At that very moment, I decided to check the dates on the items in the cupboard. It was surprising how many oils and sauces had expired — all of the ones in the picture! It was also an eye-opener; several things, like pomegranate molasses and Sherry vinegar, said "refrigerate after opening," in small print I had never noticed before. Now, the next time I open an obscure bottle, I'm going to make note of the expiration date and be sure it doesn't require refrigeration.

When was the last time you cleaned out your pantry?

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