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Review of Adult Chocolate Milk

Taste Test: Adult Chocolate Milk

Although Adult Chocolate Milk, a cream-based liqueur that's infused with vodka, was first introduced two years ago, I've just now got my hands on a bottle. Since I enjoy trying new spirits that take the alcohol world by storm — in the past six months everyone from Time to Eater has talked about Adult Chocolate Milk — I was excited to finally give it a taste. Created by two friends who reconnected through Facebook, Adult Chocolate Milk is described as a "retro-inspired" classic that's made with "premium ingredients and an artisanal approach." But does it really taste like the chocolate milk of my childhood? Find out, after the jump.

The color and body of Adult Chocolate Milk is spot on; it definitely reminds me of the milky coffee color of the chocolate milk I used to make by combining Hershey's chocolate syrup with milk. The nose reveals no chocolate, but rather a somewhat strong alcohol scent that brings to mind Bailey's.

When sipping the Adult Chocolate Milk, the first thing that hits the tongue is a smooth cream flavor. However, this is quickly followed by a lingering vodka flavor that overwhelms the palate. Sadly, there is little to no true chocolate flavor.


While this liqueur doesn't remind me of chocolate milk, I find myself strangely comforted by it. After taking several more sips, I realize what the Adult Chocolate Milk is truly reminiscent of: a white Russian. The mixture of vodka, kahlua, and cream was one of my favorite drinks in college and this tastes like bottled White Russian.

Thus, if you're a fan of white Russians, you'll probably like Adult Chocolate Milk. Cream-based liqueur lovers and dessert cocktail drinkers will surely enjoy this spirit, too.

Have you sipped it? What did you think?

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