Taste Test: Cape Cod Popcorn

I'm a huge snacker, and admittedly have more than a few downfalls. One of them is popcorn. Combine this with a shipment we recently received of new popcorn from Cape Cod Chips, and you can guess where the story is headed.

Cape Cod is known for its all-natural potato chips, which come in a wide variety of flavors (my favorite is the jalapeño and aged cheddar — especially as a hangover snack). Now, the brand has added three kinds of popcorn flavored with all-natural ingredients to that list: white cheddar, sweet cream butter, and sweet and salty (all $2.69). Did they live up to their chip counterparts? Find out after the break.

Sweet and Salty: Cape Cod's version of kettle corn, this was the crunchiest popcorn of the three flavors, and its coated, caramelized texture was extremely addictive (and, incidentally the healthiest of the bunch). It lacked the saltiness that I love in Hawaiian kettle corn, but wasn't as intensely sweet as a caramel corn.


White Cheddar: A typical cheddar popcorn, this flavor had a moderate coating of tangy, slightly sharp cheese powder, and none of neon-orange artificial coloring.

Sweet Cream Butter: This bag tasted like a cross between a traditional buttered popcorn and cheddar. Instead of the pungency of microwave- or movie-buttered popcorn, the sweet-cream butter seasoning had a mellow scent and a creamy, milkfat-like taste. It was the most unique of the lot — and our favorite.

Although I've always preferred microwave popcorn to bagged (the crisp texture can't be compared), I really enjoyed these and admit to having gotten a little carried away snacking on them. Have you ever tried Cape Cod Popcorn? How did you feel about the flavors?