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Review of Ruffles Molten Hot Wing Potato Chips

Taste Test: Ruffles Molten Hot Wings

The other day when we were at the grocery store, we couldn't help but notice a new flavor of Ruffles just in time for the Super Bowl: Molten Hot Wings. Since we're crazy about potato chips and love anything with Buffalo hot wing flavor, we picked up a bag. How did they taste? Find out after the jump.

These chips have the classic Ruffle shape with super thin ridges and plenty of crunchy texture. Their artificial orange color is a little more vibrant than the Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream flavor. They smell, as is to be expected, like a bottle of hot wing sauce.

As for the taste, the traditional tang of Buffalo sauce hits the palate first, and it's followed closely by a hint of heat that's sightly smoky. The flavor profile is spot on, but these chips are hardly hot. I wouldn't even consider them spicy. Still if you like hot wings, you'll enjoy these Ruffles, and something tells me that they would be absolutely amazing dipped into a bowl of blue cheese dressing.

Have you tried Ruffles Molten Hot Wings? What did you think?

Join The Conversation
Colleen3224478 Colleen3224478 5 years
please bring these back to rhode island. they are awesomw but nowhere around sells them anymore.. they are well worth the purchase.
Debbie2662436 Debbie2662436 5 years
Love, Love Love them.  Scoop up cottage cheese with them, yum.  Problem is I can't find them anymore. Hate that, stores get me addicted to something then stop selling them.  Drove 90 miles to other towns and found them there but now they don't sell them anymore either.
ScreenScreams ScreenScreams 5 years
Absolutely delectable. The chicken fat really gives them an authentic chicken wing flavor. These are almost like Cajun flavor. Garlic and heat, combined..deelish!
Susannah-Chen Susannah-Chen 6 years
Blue cheese dip seasoned with celery salt! :) I thought these were tasty, but they needed way more oomph in the spice department. Like a slightly less spicy Flaming Hot Cheeto!
lauren lauren 6 years
the combination of those and blue cheese dip I can only imagine would be out of control!
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