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Review of Snapple Papaya Mango Tea

Taste Test: Snapple Papaya Mango Tea

I never thought I'd say this, but these days, I'm more of a tea person than a coffee person. Ever since getting hooked on ginger tea, I've slowly made my way to other herbal teas and, most recently, black and green tea. Not that I wasn't able to drink them before, but now I actually like them.

Snapple must've known. They shipped over a giant container of their latest drink, Papaya Mango Iced Tea, a new limited-edition beverage released in partnership with CBS's The Amazing Race, and "inspired by the exotic flavors and rich tea tradition of India." We tried both the regular and diet versions, which are, according to the label, "naturally flavored with other natural flavors." What does that even mean?

"The regular tastes good!" Katie remarked on first sip. It's true: the fruity-floral initial notes, mildly bitter black tea, and sweet ending are inherently satisfying. As a longtime Diet Coke drinker, I preferred the aspartame version. It tastes similarly refreshing and doesn't have the lingering aftertaste of some diet beverages. Neither had distinctly mango or papaya notes, but generally tropical, almost pineapple-y flavors.

I don't buy bottled iced tea often, but this would be the perfect drink to get into gear for Spring's warmer days. What's your favorite iced tea flavor?

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speedi25 speedi25 6 years
i love love diet snapple, i can't remember when i started getting into them but i drink them everyday, i used to drink diet coke, then moved my way to diet 7Up then to diet snapple. currently i'm into diet peach, raspberry and lemon. i get them at bulk at costco, its cheaper. i perfer glass bottle but plastic is okay as long as i get my fix, lol. i'd love to try the new papaya and mango diet snapple, if only they were cheaper at the store and easier to find. thanks for the review i was wondering how it tasted. maybe sugar could do a diet snapple giveaway =)
HoneyBrown1976 HoneyBrown1976 6 years
^Peach Snapple is awesome. Any fruity teas work for me.
gingirl gingirl 6 years
I am a long-time lover of Peach Snapple. Snapple is the "official" drink of NY, you can get it absolutely everywhere, so I grew up on the stuff. Peach is just the best. Makes me smile!
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