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Ridiculously Simple Tip: No More Drippy Cones

Here's a ridiculously simple tip that will definitely make you go, 'DOH!

One of the problems with ice cream cones, especially homemade ones, is that after a few minutes, the ice cream starts to leak out of the bottom. When that happens you have to tip the bottom of the cone and try to suck the melting ice cream out, or you double-up on napkins. It's never very elegant and you often look ridiculous. However, what if I told you that there was a great way to prevent all of this. Think about it, there's a hole on the bottom of the cone, so what if you plugged it? That's right all you have to do is plug it so that the ice cream can't escape. A simple marshmallow or malt ball on the inside of the cone works well — it doesn't really matter as long as it's edible, plugs the hole and pairs well with your ice cream!

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