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Robert Irvine Returns to Star in Newest Season of Dinner: Impossible

Robert Irvine's Back in a New Season of Dinner: Impossible

In 2008, Food Network chef and host Robert Irvine sure had a roller coaster of a year. And his ride's not over quite yet: He's back and ready to return to the set of Dinner: Impossible.

According to the network, in the newest season of D:I, which premieres April 8, Irvine faces some of his most unique predicaments thus far. Now, more so than ever, he'll be forced to think creatively under great pressures and time limits. In the first challenge, Irvine must act under severe outdoor conditions to put together an extreme menu for athletes at the Winter X Games. In another challenge, the chef visits Yahoo's headquarters and faces a curve ball to cook with top-searched ingredients.

I think Food Network made the right decision in bringing back Irvine, and I'm pumped to see the ex-military chef bust his chops again in a new season of the show. Will you be tuning in?


Sherri12345 Sherri12345 8 years
Robert Irvine and Dinner Impossible go together like bread and butter. Was meant to be. So glad he is back, stopped watching it with Simon because it was boring. With Robert it never got boring. Welcome back Robert & Thank You Food Network & fans for bringing Robert back!!
vickey11 vickey11 8 years
Wow Robert is BACK!!! wooooowhooooooo i haven't watched food network since they let him go , i was so upset , about this . an i wrote food network an everything . an he is back!! i am so excited i will be tuned into watch wed. i can't wait. !!
SteelDragon SteelDragon 8 years
Glad to see Chef Irvine back. Never thought much of Symon. As far as whether he deserves a second chance, a lot of political hacks, university presidents and such, never lose their jobs after identical offenses and this is entertainment. It appears that Irvine sells and Symon doesn't. Smart business move.
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