When you dine out, do you care more about the food or the service? A recent survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation showed that most people care about the service. The survey, which is part of the ORC's "Ouch Point" series - a monthly survey examining tolerance thresholds in a variety of common scenarios, concluded that rude wait staff was responsible for 25% of the dining "ouch points." The study also showed that the younger you are, the less likely you are to handle rude wait staff. In the 18-24 year old age group, rude wait staff took 55% of the votes, compared to the overall 25%.

I guess I would have to agree. I know that I've had amazing food and horrible service and left remembering only the service. Would you agree? If not what is your biggest dining "ouch point?" To find out what the rest of the survey results are,

  • Rude waiters 25%
  • Hosts/Maitre d's who underestimate waiting time for a table 20%
  • Slow service 15%
  • Poorly prepared food 12%
  • Cold food 10%
  • Being ushered out of the restaurant after paying the check 3%
  • Dirty menus 2%
  • Fast service 1%

Source: PR Newswire