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A Rum For The Ladies

Apparently rum is making a comeback. I wasn't aware of its disappearance, but with the development of many new high-end brands, rum is definitely coming to a bar shelf near you. Processed in the same manner as super premium vodka, Bambu rum is the bottle with the most hype. Made with hand picked sugar cane, it's quadruple distilled and triple filtered. With its chic little bottle and bright pink label, Bambu is touting itself as the "first and only rum designed with women in mind."

Founder David Kanbar got the idea to create a female friendly rum after his wife complained about the harshness of rum cocktails. I always thought Malibu was the female friendly rum, but wouldn't mind giving this luxury liquor a sip.

What do you guys think? Do we women need our own rum? Has anybody tried Bambu yet?

Source: Gourmet Newsletter

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