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Ryan Scott's Recap of Top Chef All-Stars

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 3

For the all-star season of Top Chef, we have a special person recapping the show. Previous Top Chef participant Ryan Scott! Here are his thoughts on last night's episode.WOW! Before I start, talk about some Top Chef news this week! Congrats to Harold on his glowing review from the New York Times. That's a tremendous honor, especially in NYC where the critics are very . . . critical. Second of all, I would like to congratulate Ilan and Ayame on their newborn baby. Lastly, Spike, happy birthday, my brother, from season four. Congrats on all of your success and kudos to many more on the horizon!

OK! Let's get down with last night's episode. HOLY CRAP!!!! David Chang. If you don't know who this cat is, you have been living under one of Hoss Zaré's 10 lb meatballs at Zare at Fly Trap. I have to say though that last night's episode seemed to be the least stimulating thus far. However, Dale T's comment about his fat hands did get my attention.

What a tricky quickfire: I am amped that my boy Richard won. You go buddy! Let's admit it; he was clearly slided in the first week's episode with his disqualification. I think he has the most promising chance of taking home the trophy.


For more of Ryan's take on Top Chef, keep reading.

Which brings me to my next question: Is Stephen really comfortable cooking in Thomas Pink? I am so careful when I wear my nice clothes I don't even sip my water without a straw.

Side note: I just thought you would want to know that the Top Chef house from season one is for rent in San Francisco, for only $12,000 a month. Do you know how many silly bands Tom could buy with that money?

My "brother from another mother" Dale L's breakfast-themed dinner dish reminded me so much of my favorite dish at WD-50. It's chef Wylie Dufresne's deconstructed eggs benedict. Hands down one of the most innovative dishes I have ever had. My girlfriend loved it so much we ordered two last time we were there.

I think Dale T's dish was so daring and great, but he should also thank his lucky stars that Tiffany decided to freeze her whole plate, otherwise it could have been close.

I have to say the surprise of the night was Stephen's class act departure; he really is a quality dude. I thought it was cool that he was able to admit the competition was fierce and that his cooking style changed drastically since season one. For the record, Dale L should have not gone home last night. That man screams talent. I think that was a big mistake.

I also have to say, not a surprise: Jamie made soup. That's all I have to say about that.

OK! Best clip of the night was the replay of Casey's attempt to chop an onion in an old challenge. It was so freaking funny. Then CJ's reaction in the background cracked me up even more. But the cherry on top had to be Fabio admitting at the judge's table that Vietnamese food is not his expertise. Really, Fabio? I wouldn't have guessed.

Time for me to crash. Nite, nite.

Love Ryan Scott as much as we do? Check out his latest project, food truck 3-Sum Eats.

Photo courtesy of Bravo

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