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Ryan Scott's Recap of Top Chef All Stars Episode 4

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 4

For the all-star season of Top Chef, we have a special person recapping the show. Previous Top Chef participant Ryan Scott! Here are his thoughts on last night's episode.Top Chef All-Stars Episode 4A stuffing quickfire challenge? Ask family, friends, and clients: I could stuff every one of the contestants on this one. In fact, I've got some in the fridge right now. Lots of inventiveness in this challenge. Carla turned into cave woman, and I'm proud of Fabio using his noggin to grate the cheese on the shelving. I can see it now: Fabio will be the new spokesperson for retro racks at Walmart. Way to go, Tre . . . so much for me getting signed for Swanson's spokesperson again. 

For more of Ryan's take on Top Chef, keep reading.

Top Chef All-Stars Episode 4

On to the elimination challenge. If Spike's team puts its worst dish first, whose dish is that going to be? I'd bet my firstborn on one chef, but mum's the word. She'd kill me. Fabio: I love you, but it's not a shock to me that you're making gnocchi. What is this, Top Gnocchi? I'll be down in LA in two weeks and finally have to try these heavenly pasta pillows. 

Carla handled her cut finger like a freaking rockstar!! Way to show Jamie how it's done, girl. 

I'm a little confused at what's going on here at this elimination challenge. Maybe it's because Antonia and I smoked so much pot throughout high school . . . or maybe it's because Richard has tweeted for the hundredth time today and I got distracted. Angelo seems likes he's extremely useful in the kitchen — I wonder if he helps clean houses, too? Honestly, if you're going to let anyone touch your dish, it'd better only be Richard Blais. Ask Hosea. He knows all about that from season five.   


Judge's table: Yeah Carla!!!! There's not a more kindhearted woman to win a trip to Italy . . . need a double date for that vacay? Ouch. Spike really got screwed with several hands in his dish. Angelo added sweet yuzu sauce when Tom said it lacked salt. Dude. I would be so angry if I were Spike. But on the other hand, writing a cookbook, opening two restaurants in one year, and being chosen as one of GQ's best looking chefs is going to keep him busy. Look forward to (veggie) burgers and shakes with you soon, my friend. 

I'm off to to go make the finishing touches on our Christmas dinner — don't want to undercook my chickpeas. Happy holidays to all.

Love Ryan Scott as much as we do? Check out his latest project, food truck 3-Sum Eats.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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