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Ryan Scott's Recap of Top Chef All-Stars Restaurant Wars

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 7

Ryan Scott is back! Here, you can find out what he thought of last night's restaurant wars on Top Chef All-Stars.

Restaurant wars huh . . . this episode is most likely going to rock the excitement boat.

Richard Blais's banana and Nutella snack at the house looks like one of the most appetizing pairings on the show so far. If only he smeared it on a rice cake and topped it with Lay's potato chips.

Wow! A competition at Le Bernardin presents quite the challenge. I had an opportunity to stage there and let me tell you, that kitchen is no joke. The wall in the corner of Le Bernardin became my best friend I was so nervous just being in the presence of that kitchen staff. Watching Gusto rapidly separate the fish is a work of art. He's a total rock star and I want him in my kitchen. Well wishful thinking at the least.


Read more of Ryan's hilarious take on the elimination challenge after the jump.

Although it was a rather daunting challenge, I was amazed at how difficult it was to handle fish in 10 minutes. Fabio pulled a Jamie Lauren and hurt his hand, but took it like man and worked through it. I love Antonia to death, but that girl destroyed her fish instead of portioning it. I wasn't surprised that the main boys rocked it. Dale, my man, you are on FIRE!

Richard, you worked at McDonald's?!?!?! How did I not know this about you? Hello there, Filet-O-Fish. It just proves that all great chefs have to start somewhere. I feel a Blais burger promo coming on at McDonald's.

Now onto restaurant wars. Ludo's pop-up style restaurant in Los Angeles really interests me, it has been happening here in SF for some time. I'd like to visit his place in the near future, all I have ever heard about the man is that he can really cook and has a nose piercing.

Dale and Blais on the same team for this??!!!! Come on. It's already in the bag for that duo.

Does anyone else think Marcel's bandana maybe makes him confused that he's in karate class instead of the kitchen? He seems to want to start a fight with everyone. I swear if I had a dollar for every time he was hostile I could most likely afford Fabio's hairstylist monthly.

I love, love, love team Bodega's concept of simple comfort food, starting with a bag of potato chips. I'm telling you, this is what it's all about. Last week I featured mac and cheese Spring rolls on my catering truck, along with peanut butter and jelly cupcakes. Needless to say, they sold out entirely. It's all about the comfort foods, guys. This is the way it has been for a while and will always be.

Which brings me to my next question: Oxtail, monkfish, octopus, and crudo??

What the *&$% are you guys thinking?! I'd bet all of my jarred poached pears from season 4 that "simple" will take the cake. Trust me, I learned it the hard way at my tailgating challenge. Surprise, surprise, surprise! Marcel is putting foam on his dish?! Go figure they loved it, just kidding.

Back to simplicity, I have to disagree with Antonia that "elevated" food outdoes tuna in a can. It's strictly about execution. And the Bodega team seems to really carry the innovation in this challenge.

Side note: Tom Colicchio's blush-pink shirt is awesome. It goes really well with his really dark Winter tan. I'd like to borrow it — if you are reading this Tom.

I would have rather seen a stronger personality at the front of the house, and might have chosen Angelo over Tiffany. That man can multitask, and would have most likely given Fabio a run for his money, especially in the hair department.

What kind of foods are they stocking at the Top Chef All-Stars' living quarters? Did Marcel finish up all the Sassy Flakes this morning for breakfast? Whoa there, buddy.

I knew it! Comfort food won by a landslide. Congrats Richard on the 10 grand. I look forward to putting a meal on your tab when I finally make it to Atlanta.

Peace out, Marcel. You will be missed. I think?

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