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Ryan Scott Recaps Top Chef All-Stars Bahamas Episode

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 13

Our favorite food truck chef is back! Owner of 3-Sum Eats and past Top Chef competitor Ryan Scott is here to share his thoughts on last night's Bahamas episode of Top Chef All-Stars. Take it away Chef Scott!Hey guys, you know, I must say, it does feel somewhat surreal watching friends of yours on a show that you were once on. That surreal feeling deepens especially considering these are close friends — people I have cooked with and have nothing but the utmost respect for. For instance, last weekend I was out in Charleston, SC, doing a cooking competition with Carla Hall and then three days later she's on the TV staring back at me as I kick back on the couch with my girlfriend. These are some of my favorite people in the world here, and some serious chefs too.

It can get straight up emotional to watch. There's a whole lot more than just a cooking competition on the line right now — there's integrity, reputation, jobs, families, mortgages. Not to get all sappy on you here folks, but a lot can be won or lost on this show. I don't know y'all (just picked up the y'all in South Carolina, thinkin' about bring it back to the Bay Area) sorry that I'm not as funny right now as I have been in the past, but this stuff is real.

To see more of Scott's thoughtful recap, keep reading.

Right now I'm here huddled over my computer typing this review in the corner of my prep kitchen getting ready to take my food truck out and everything from last night's show is just tugging on the heartstrings. Sitting here with a box of soybean oil as a desk and a box of liquid fry oil as a chair, I just feel for these people, man. When I was eliminated I didn't know what to think, I was simply stunned — torn between knowing that I can be the absolute very best and at the same time feeling that like I wasn't ready to pack it in, I wanted more.

Carla, girl, I feel for ya. "Cooking with love" is absolute music to my ears and really sums up this whole thing that we're all trying to get behind — that little extra umph, that little extra love that is put into everything that we do as chefs. At the end of the day folks, it's just food, but it's that little bit of love that makes it all worthwhile.


If anybody out there has had the honor of meeting this beautiful woman Carla, what she permeates through TV she permeates through real life. I felt for her watching her cook last night on the show, but I'm gonna tell you this right now folks, the real winner on Top Chef All-Stars is Carla Hall. No disrespect to any of my friends on the show, but Carla has it in the bag now and will still be stopped on the street 10 years from now for her work on Top Chef.

I say this only because I’ve worked with her firsthand on numerous occasions and this past weekend in South Carolina solidified to me what an all around person she is. We were out on a Saturday night, and this lady walks up and starts talking to Carla like they were childhood friends or Carla was the maid of honor at her wedding. When the woman finally asked Carla to come over to meet her family and pose for photos, I was sure that Carla was going to take the polite route out and say something along the lines of "you know, thank you, but I probably best get going." Not that Carla was being rude, just that this woman was seriously talking to her nonstop, questioning Carla about random bits of minutia from her childhood. But, lo and behold, Carla never ceases to amaze me, and when the woman did ask if Carla would come over and meet her family and pose for a photo, Carla jumped at the opportunity.

In typical Carla Hall fashion, she uses her one spare moment of free time to talk and answer questions with hurried excitement about her childhood, her career, and everything in between. Have you ever just met someone who makes you stop and think, "wow, they're really doing this thing?"I wish you all could have been at that restaurant in Charleston last weekend, because if you were, and you saw what I had seen, you'd just know that this woman is doing big things. I'd keep an eye out and an ear to the ground for this woman, folks.

Love Ryan Scott as much as we do? Check out his latest project, food truck 3-Sum Eats.

Photos courtesy of Bravo

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