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Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 2

There's no better person to comment on the all-star season of Top Chef than a previous contestant. That's why we've asked Top Chef Chicago's Ryan Scott to watch the show and share his thoughts. Here's what he had to say about last night's shocking decision!

OK, I am not holding back my thoughts on this episode and will risk losing Facebook friends for it. I can't help myself. This season rocks!

Casey: I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when your brilliant idea of bacon and chocolate lasagna came into play for kids. Is that really what popped to mind? Wait, maybe it's like poached pears at a tailgating event.


Dale Talde is my boy, but dude! Your girlfriend doesn't have People magazine in your bathroom? Joe Jonas? Come on man, get with the times.

Jamie's going to be a great mother one day. It's good to see her genuine enthusiasm ooze with the kids at the museum challenge. Hope she's recovering well after the two stitches on her pinkie finger. That's got to be one painful "owie." I'm feeling a text from her in about eight hours from now when this hits the web . . .

To find out what he thought of the elimination and shirtless Tre, keep reading.

Boy, they're running out of ideas for elimination challenges: Are they seriously basing their ideas off of dinosaur diets? Team Brontosaurus???!!!

I'm glad I wasn't on this episode. The middle of the night camera angles might have caught a glimpse of my bulldog snoring. It's no surprise to me that Antonia went to bed early. She practically went to bed before the challenges were over on my season. Antonia was definitely the mother hen of our house.

Tre brought the gunshow, the walk-in, the freezer, and a couple of Mercedes Benzes packed in his arms. I'm actually out of bed doing sit-ups now so that I feel better about myself after seeing that dude's abs. After all, I have to turn the lights on at some point.

I might not agree that Casey "comes from the same cooking lineage" as Tre, but whatever. She's seen Jurassic Park so she's a winner in my book.

Gazpacho for kids?!?! Come on guys . . . who are we kidding?!

Jen's meal really does look like what Casey called it: wet bacon. Ali, my girlfriend, bets me breakfast in bed tomorrow if Jen goes home first.

Wow! Jen has a major chip on her shoulder, and I'm not talking about Lay's or Ruffles.

Side note: Did anyone else notice that Tom's wearing a silly band? I think it's a shark. Maybe it's chef-themed. Maybe it's a car? Yeah, it's gotta be a car.

I think it's Tre or Tiff on the chopping block . . .

Jen! Wow. I'm going to remain mum on that one because I'm pretty sure she could kick my butt.

Well, I guess it's bed for me . . . Up early to make eggs and french toast for the lady. Peace.

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