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Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars 2010-12-02 11:25:19

Ryan Scott on Top Chef All-Stars Episode 1

Did you watch the first episode of Top Chef All-Stars last night?! We did, and so did one of our favorite Top Chef contestants, Ryan Scott. Here, Ryan shares his thoughts on the show. Take it away, Chef Scott!

Wow! Memories. It's been three years since they shot my season of Top Chef and it's nice to see a lot of my good friends back on All-Stars. Dale Levitski was just in our living room a few months back. Here I am, laying in bed with my girlfriend, who has a backache, and me stuffed up cold, blogging just for you guys. After all, "people from all over the world have come to visit me." No, wait! That's Jamie.

Of course, my dear friend Richard would bring out the big guns on the first challenge; his liquid nitrogen. How the hell does he get that on the plane? Also, it's refreshing that Spike actually shaved for this season. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that Fabio's hairdresser could fit him in before they shot the show. Fabio knows I love him, and there's not a more traveled, harder-working top chef than him. So grow that hair out, brotha man.

To find out what Ryan thinks of the quickfire, Stephen's clothing choices, and Anthony Bourdain, keep reading.


Twenty-five minutes for a quickfire is really fast . . . especially with many personalities in conjunction with one another.

Rock on, team Chicago with a win on the quickfire. I have had the opportunity to work with all of them on the show and afterward. Any one of them has a fantastic chance at winning this season's title.

I've never had the pleasure of meeting Stephen in person, but I do have to say that his wardrobe on tonight's show is much nicer than what I'm planning on wearing to my dad's third wedding this weekend.

What I would give to be granted a redo on my tailgate challenge and not be referred to as the guy who cooked poached pears at a football game. Funny though, some people who have stopped me in San Francisco said they thought that was pretty normal fare. Go figure.

Wow! I can't believe there's a TV in the kitchen so the chefs can personally watch their meals being critiqued table side. Talk about sticking a huge elephant in the room. Trust me, I had Bourdain stare me right in the eyes and rip my dish apart. It's not an easy thing to digest, no pun intended.

Let's be honest, Stephen had three freaking dishes to master. He was screwed from the start. Bourdain said it perfectly about Elia's dish: "didn't look good, didn't taste good, and wasn't cooked right." A raw entree is kind of a deal breaker. They need Fabio for good ratings, so he's probably not going home.

All right, I'm off to floss my teeth, unplug the Christmas tree lights, and grab an O'Doul's during commercial. Yes, I said O'Doul's.

Kudos to the dude that won. What's his name? Gosh, I only turned it off five minutes ago and I can't remember. Crap, neither can my girlfriend. Blame it on Fabio's pasta I just rolled up and smoked per Colicchio's suggestion.

However, I actually did think Richard should have won this one. Who cares about an extra three milliseconds and some air bubbles?

Bed time. See you next week.


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