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For those of you who've raved about the Whole Foods private-label 365 brand, I've got good news for you: There are more of these brands coming your way.

Fellow grocery giant Safeway has plans to go national with two of its house brands, O Organics and health-conscious line Eating Right. So far, both lines have limited market, but will expand nationally this Fall. In the wake of the troubled economy, America's grocery giants have reported record sales of their own private-label brands.

The Safeway brands aim to be different from generic store brands. The New York Times explains that O Organics and Eating Right have been marketed entirely differently:

Both were built much more like name brands than like store brands ... Instead of competing simply on price they appeal to consumers who feel they ought to be eating better, but perhaps find the thicket of smaller, virtue-food brands confusing — or simply inaccessible.

I've tried the brands and think they're great — my cutie is a huge fan of the orange juice and the ice cream bars. Still, I won't be letting them pull a price trick on me. What about you — will you give the new brand a try?


milosmommy milosmommy 9 years
We buy the Eating Right frozen meals all the time for work lunches. I have to say that they're really tasty and pretty inexpesive. I'm glad they're expanding.
Deadly-Lemur Deadly-Lemur 9 years
We have the Full Circle brand here (VA), and it's definitely priced fairly. I'd buy more of it, but a lot of the products are processed food I wouldn't eat to start with like pasta & cereal or juices. Although I don't buy much of it, I'm glad to see it on the shelves and hope it at least puts the notion into the minds of other shoppers that see it as well. If these new brands show up in my stores, I will check them out and if they seem ok I'll buy them. Just remember to read the labels, even corn syrup can be organic. Doesn't mean it's good for you.
gLam-shortie gLam-shortie 9 years
i absolutely loooove the O Organics Blended Lowfat Yogurt! it's european style....reminds me of that australian style yogurt with a kangaroo on the front! (does anyone know what i'm talking about!?) it has a great texture and it has cool flavors like Maple! (which i'm a fan of!) and all of the ingredients are legit.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i think that this is one of the smartest moves ever. Safeway has always been one of those brands that's known to be more affordable, and it kind of raises itself to a new plateau when you bring in an organic or private label. i'm sure that in the markets where there is a safe way - they will see an increase in sales...or customer loyalty
madball madball 9 years
I've tried some of the O Organics line, good stuff.
jspeed jspeed 9 years
I love Lowes Food's "Full Circle" organic line - and it's very affordable. They are only in 3 or 4 southern states though.
suziryder suziryder 9 years
Sure, if I see it somewhere. I do like the 365 brand, but Whole Foods is pretty pricey...
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