Both Ina Garten and Giada de Laurentiis premiered new Food Network series last Fall, so it's no surprise to learn that another of the network's biggest stars, Sandra Lee, is set to begin production of a new cooking program.

Sandra's Money Saving Meals will premiere on May 10 at 12 p.m. The show will focus on Lee's "triple A factor" of accessible, aspirational, and affordable food. She'll provide cost-saving tips for grocery shopping and feature innovative ways to use leftovers.

As more and more people look for inexpensive meal options, it's only natural for the Food Network to move toward a recession-friendly lineup. In a statement, Bob Tushman, the senior vice president of programing, said:

At this critical economic time, Sandra comes to the rescue by providing our viewers with creative ways to save money and time while cooking great meals at home. We appreciate the dedicated passion and in-depth knowledge Sandra brings to this topic, and we look forward to launching this new endeavor with her.

Although I've never really been a fan of Sandra's 70/30 semi-homemade philosophy, I'm curious to see her tips on affordable eating — after all, she was made from scratch! What do you think about the new series? Will you watch Sandra's Money Saving Meals?