To promote her appearance as a celebrity volunteer on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, TV chef Sandra Lee chatted with Walletpop about the merits of jarred garlic, premade cosmos, and other random musings. But the Food Network star waits for the end of the interview to leave the biggest takeaway: Being a foodie isn't about snobbery.

"A lot of people think that foodies are this huge, elitist group in the sky that are there to critique and to judge. Can I tell you? If you eat, you're a foodie. If you have an opinion about what you're tasting, that makes you a foodie. Your job in life is to enjoy your life. So whatever makes it easier, faster, and more wonderful, that you can enjoy your life by, God bless you."

After watching Sandra defend her position with poise, I have to say I agree with her. Why are certain subsets of eaters more entitled to make judgments than others? Say what you will about Sandra Lee. She may not be the most popular of cooking personalities, yet she continues to take on her opponents with kindness.

Are you surprised by Sandra's public statement? Do you agree with her?