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Santa Monica Bans Plastic Bags at Farmers Markets

Should All Farmers Markets Ban Plastic Bags?

Last week, the Santa Monica City Council approved an ordinance that prohibits the distribution of plastic carrying bags (the flimsy, translucent kind with handles) in most places, including farmers markets. The city hopes that the new ordinance will encourage people to make purchases with canvas totes, saved plastic bags, and other reusable carriers. Although the city will initially offer a "share a bag" program for farmers market shoppers, eventually, those who forget to bring theirs will have no choice but to buy a reusable bag on site. What do you think of this idea: is it progressive, or unrealistic? Let's hear what you think.

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interzone interzone 6 years
Meat is the only thing that keeps me from saying that they should be banned. It is really, really gross to have meat juice soak through a canvas bag an into the (fabric) seat of a car.
Rasputin45 Rasputin45 6 years
I re-use plastic grocery bags for many household uses, if I did not have a free source of these ultra-thin bags I would have to go out and buy not only reusable grocery bags, but also household plastic bags which are usually thicker than the grocery ones. This would waste time, money AND plastic. I think most people also reuse their plastic bags like me, and incentives to further re-use them should be in place, not banning them entirely. This only achieves the opposite of intended effect.
TiVo TiVo 6 years
I use my plastic grocery bags for garbage can liners. Sure, you fill them up quickly, but it's a great use of resources. One health food store near me only has paper bags, and that's such a bummer for me.
amber512 amber512 6 years
I like the idea, but I can't find any reusable ones that I'm actually willing to reuse. They are hard to clean and the kind I had were heavier than a regular plastic bag so I always ended up paying more by using them!
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