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Savory Sight: Root Beer Float

When I lived in Spain and didn't have access to root beer, one of the things I constantly craved was root beer floats. I haven't had a desire for one in a long time, but when I stumbled upon this photo in the Savory Sights group in the YumSugar Community, I couldn't help but want a frothy, creamy root beer float! Lauren shared this image with the simple and concise caption, "gosh, it was delicious!" Do you love root beer floats? Don't you want one after seeing this pic?!

Do you have an image of something delicious that you recently made or enjoyed? Upload it to the Savory Sights group in the YumSugar Community, and I might just feature it.

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lauren lauren 7 years
Oh I love eating foods that are totally a blast from the past! I hope to see your photo in savory sights too! :)
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Just thinking about these makes me feel like a kid again. Mom would take me to the local A&W (remember those?) for the treat every once in a while. Getting ice cream and root beer tonight when I make a grocery run! :drool:
lauren lauren 7 years
fuzzles, I forgot how perfect they are on a super hot summer day, you should totally make one really soon!
fuzzles fuzzles 7 years
Yum!!!!!!! I haven't had one of these for AGES!
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