In the Savory Sights group KWM posted an awesome picture of her New Year's Eve dinner. It's a shot of the buffet and everything looks YUMMY! Especially the prime rib and the potatoes (and the green beans and the salad). She even writes about the event saying that she and her friends throw a roving dinner party. Each month it's hosted by a different couple, but all of the couples supply the meal potluck style. And if you find your mouth watering and your lips smacking KWM was kind enough to post the links to the recipes for the salad and potatoes, so you can create these dishes in your kitchen. Looks like it's a great party idea that's sure to succeed every-time. Just one question, KWM, what did you guys have for dessert???

Please, please, please continue to post pictures of your delicious dinners, luscious lunches, and beautiful breakfasts in the Savory Sights group on TeamSugar!