Okay, so I'm going to throw a wrench in to an otherwise working system...

I've received some emails wondering how to submit recipes to the Secret Ingredient challenge that have already been posted/are are going to be posted in other groups (Kitchen Goddess, Let's Have a Drink, etc.).

So from now on, we'll try taking advantage of the cool keyword thing. Each week I'll tell you exactly which keywords to use on your recipe. This way you can post them in any group you want! If you don't have another group, feel free to keep posting them in the Secret Ingredient group.

This week the secret ingredient is cumin.

So please give your new recipes (or edit old recipes) the keyword phrase: Secret Ingredient Cumin.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! To learn how to post a recipe,

I know this looks scary, but it's really simple once you get the hang of it. Send me a message if you have any problems! I bolded the new step.

  1. Click "Create & Share!" on the left hand side
  2. Choose "Blog"
  3. Give your recipe a Title
  4. Change the category to "recipe"
  5. Change the channel to "food and entertaining"
  6. Add keywords "Secret Ingredient Cumin" and any other keywords you'd like to use (ie: tofu, chicken, spicy, etc.)
  7. Type your recipe into the body box
  8. If you have an image, click on the "Add Image" link below the "body" box
  9. A popup window will happen - click on "Browse" to find your image on your computer
  10. Once you have the image chosen, click "Submit"
  11. The popup will show you your image, choose size: "normal" - if you want, you can give it a title (which will show up as a caption)
  12. Click "Insert" and the popup will go away
  13. Your "body" box will now have the code for the picture. Leave it as is.
  14. Click Submit