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Secret Ingredient: Fantastic Chocolate and a Parmesan Cheese Challenge

Hey guys, thanks for all of your yummy chocolate finds. As always, I was crazy torn between the finds. I really love these cute chocolate mice (perfect for kids), but in the end, crispet1's Beef Tenderloin in Chocolate Sauce looked way too tasty. I can just imagine all the juices from the beef blending together with the richness of the chocolate. I love hints of chocolate in my savory dishes, it's so delicious! Thanks for all the recipes everyone, there were definitely quite a few on the list to try!

This week's secret ingredient is Parmesan Cheese.
I'm positive that you guys will be able to come up with some magnificent creations, so don't let me down! Post your best parmesan cheese recipe in the Secret Ingredient group by Thursday. I'll pick the most delicious sounding recipe and share it here next week! Happy cooking and go wild, I can't wait to see your great ideas!

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