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See Paula Deen Live!

If you've ever wanted to see Paula Deen live, now's your chance. This summer she's kicking off a "National" Tour - I put national in quotes because it's only five cities: Shreveport, Charlotte, Nashville, Dallas and Atlanta. Each two hour show will feature Ms. Paula cooking up some of her favorite dishes, answering fan questions, sharing tips and doing whatever it is a chef does when on tour.

"People need to get on back to the kitchen," said Paula. "I'm gonna show you how we do it at my house. I'll tell you what I cook and share the secrets to making it good. But the most important thing I want folks to realize is that the memories are what matter. Families get to know each other through cooking a meal together, and then sitting down and lickin' their plates clean. Now that's comfort food."

Oh, that's what they do when they're on tour. They lick their plates clean...

If you live in one of those five national cities, then act fast, tickets are on sale now.

And if you don't live in one of those cities, don't fret, you can always register to win a trip to see her in Atlanta. If you win, please tell me what they have backstage in the greenroom, I want to know if she actually eats the deep fried butter balls.

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