When I need culinary inspiration, I turn to one of many cookbooks. But unless I'm feeling extraordinarily creative, I'm not sure I'll be turning to the latest cookbook to hit the circuit. The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls was just published by Ljubomir Erovic. Erovic is a chef in Serbia, a country where testicles are a prized delicacy. In the mood for goulash? Then why not experiment with a testicle version? Love pizza? Make his cheese, onion, pepper, bacon, and bull's testicle pizza. Of course, the art of eating testicles is nothing new: around the world, they've long been touted as aphrodisiacs.

According to Erovic, who organizes an annual testicle-cooking championship, the tastiest testicles come from bulls, ostriches, and stallions, although he claims, "All testicles can be eaten. Except human, of course."

What's your reaction to this? If you're really curious, you can view a bit of the book online. Do you have the balls to try any of the recipes?