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Short Menus vs. Long Menus

What's Worse: A Menu That's Too Short or Too Long?

It's been said that haute cuisine is true art, but I'd argue that composing a menu takes some serious skill, too. First off, the food has to read like it's appetizing. Then there's the issue of how many items should be offered. Everyone's got a different number: when I dine out at a restaurant that offers less than 10 menu items, my guy complains that there's not enough selection on the menu. Yet if I open a menu to find 100 offerings, I'll almost certainly be overwhelmed. As someone who has a tough time making decisions both big and small, I'd rather be faced with a terse menu than a paralyzingly long one. Getting the length just right, it seems, is quite a tough line to toe. Which do you consider the greater of two evils? And what's the magic number when it comes to menus?

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