A widespread shortage of meatless Gardenburgers has put veggie patties in short supply and high demand. The Seattle Times reports that Gardenburgers have been scarce since April and May, when parent company Kellogg's discovered a quality control issue. Stressed rivals Boca Burger, MorningStar Farms, and Amy's Kitchen are scrambling to meet the veggie burger needs of the country.

According to Kellogg's, the shortage of Gardenburgers was due to plant improvements. However, it says production is back in full swing:

We are working as hard as we can to fill orders in time for the summer grilling season.

Don't be surprised if (as our copy editor recently discovered) your request for a meatless burger gets turned down. I favor a beef patty to an all-veggie one, so I won't be too affected by the shortage. What about you? Have you wondered where all the garden burgers have gone?