Recently I have read a few interesting articles about the foods parents feed their children. There are those who believe that kids should not eat grown up food and instead be fed a diet of plain buttered pasta, chicken strips, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. On the other hand, there are an increasing number of advocates who feel that kids should eat exactly what the adults are eating. In fact, some claim that giving kids spaghetti-O's instead of the ragu you are eating will cause kids to become picky and unhealthy eaters when they grow up. Rachael Ray claims that she ate anchovies and other unusual foods as a youngster because her parents exposed her to these foods at an early age. Ruth Reichl, of Gourmet magazine, in her March editor's letter rants about irresponsible adults who feed their children dinosaur shaped chicken and heart shaped sandwiches. Where do you stand on this issue readers? Should parents feed their children kid friendly foods?