Star chef David Chang is causing a stir in the food-blog world. If you manage to get a reservation at his new restaurant Momofuku Ko, be prepared to leave your camera at home. According to Chang's new no-photography rule, diners will no longer be able to snap pics of luscious pork products or tasty eats (although the rule is not enforced at his larger sister restaurants).

As an avid foodie photographer — my friends know to let me take photos before we dig in — I find this disappointing. I take pictures of food so I can relive it later and share it with you. I make sure to turn the flash off, never interrupt other diners, and work as quickly as possible. Hearing that it's banned in a place where so few folks can dine really bums me out. If I can't eat there, I want to live vicariously through someone else.

What do you guys think? Do you think Chang, who says, "It's just food. Eat it," is on the right path, or should diners be able to take photos at restaurants?