Creating a soothing and inviting bathroom that is clean and pleasant smelling is essential to any party's success. If you have a disgusting bathroom it won't matter how amazing the food is, guests will only remember the gross bathroom. Here's how you can take your bathroom from every day to party day:

  • Start by cleaning it. Wipe down the mirror, clean out the sink, and wash the floors.
  • Hang fresh towels or stack nice bathroom napkins near the sink.
  • Make sure its stocked with essentials: toilet paper, tampons, Advil, Kleenex, etc.
  • If you don't want your guests to use or see something, put it away in a safe, hidden place.
  • Add a lush flower arrangement and light-scented candles.
  • Set up an ipod with soothing music or turn a radio to the classic music station.

How do you make your bathroom a welcoming space? Share your tips with us below.