Simple Tip: Line Cake Pans With Parchment Paper
Simple Tip: Line Cake Pans With Parchment Paper

A couple of weeks ago when I made my half-birthday cake, I ran into some technical difficulties. Although I buttered and floured the cake pan (as the recipe specified), the cake was difficult to remove from the pan. Some chunks of cake ended up sticking to the pan, which did not make me happy.

Normally, even if a recipe doesn't call for it, I line cake sheets with parchment paper. However, this time I was out of it and decided to see if it's really necessary. In my opinion it is: I've never had a problem getting a cake to come out of a pan when using parchment paper. Here's what I do:

  1. Place the cake pan on top of the parchment paper.
  2. Trace the outline of the pan onto the parchment paper with a pencil.
  3. Cut out the shape just inside the penciled line.
  4. Butter the pan, place the parchment on the bottom, and butter again.
  5. Follow the recipe to finish the cake.

Do you line your cake pans with parchment paper? Have you ever had a cake that wouldn't come out of its pan?

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