So I was looking for new products to tell everyone about when I was bombarded by a huge number of posts talking about the new SimpleHuman "Hands-Free" garbage can. At first I ignored it, thinking, how is this new? I mean, I have a hands free garbage can at home, you know the kind with a pedal that you step on? But after surfing the web a bit more I found that every kitchen gadget site seemed to be talking about it. So finally I said, okay what's the big deal!?

Well, it turns out that instead of a handy (or would that be footy?) push pedal, there are now sensors. So instead of stepping down, all you have to do is bring your foot near it. I dunno, $200 for a garbage can sounds a bit ridiculous to me. However, if you've got the money (and six D batteries) to spare, then you might want to check out the SimpleHuman rectangular sensor can.

Source: Gizmodo

What do you guys think?