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Slaughtering Your Own Food

Could You Slaughter Your Own Food?

For the past week, culinary cognoscenti have hovered over the eating habits of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is now only eating meat that he kills himself. "I do think [people] should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from," he said in an email to Fortune magazine.

Others have stepped in to agree; celebrated chef Dan Barber lauded Zuckerberg for what he called "an incontestably moral act." But J. Kenji Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats pondered rhetorically, "[Likewise], should I have to experience what a librarian experiences before I check out a book?"

I think it's important, at some point in omnivorous life, to at least witness meat being slaughtered humanely — it adds a heightened level of awareness to the food we're eating. But would I really slaughter my meat? I'm not sure I could. What about you?

Source: Flickr User Animal Freedom

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