The other day my girlfriends, Maite, Luisa, and I were chatting about, yep you guessed it, cooking! I was saying how much I love cooking with garlic but I hate the stench it leaves on my hands for the rest of the night. They told me an old wives secret and I tried it out and it worked. So here's the deal: once you have finished chopping your garlic, gently take the knife in your hands. Under a stream of cold water hold the knife in with your fingers pressed against the metal for about thirty seconds. So I went home and did a little bit of research. Turns out that you can do the same thing with stainless steel sink faucets, spoons or a Stainless Steel Bar of Soap. I'm not sure what occurs scientifically (please write me if you know), but the steel and cool water neutralize the odors (it should work for fish and onions or any other pungent smell, too!). I can't believe I didn't know about this trick before.

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