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Snack Is the New Black: Introducing Your Appetite's Must-Have Accessory

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From cayenne pepper and lemon juice to low-carb to no-carb, we've all heard about — if not tried — the many "fad" diets out there. But experts agree that deprivation tactics tend to backfire, and jumping on the latest diet bandwagon can actually do more harm than good.

Think of your diet less as a "hot new trend" and more as a dependable staple, like the little black dress: something you can vary slightly with your mood (or craving) but always come back to just the same.

Watch the video above to hear what women like you, as well as a LUNA nutrition strategist, have to say about Debunking the Diet — and learn how to feed your strength wisely.

afadelli17 afadelli17 4 years
So interesting!! Yay to no fad diets!
srl100 srl100 4 years
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