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Snickers Yanks Homophobic Ad Campaign

Did This Snickers Commercial Go Too Far?

For the second time in two years, best-selling candybar, Snickers, has found itself in the middle of a controversy surrounding their latest ad campaign. Candy company Mars has yanked the ad from UK airwaves, where it received backlash from gay-rights activists for being homophobic. The commercial featured surly '80s icon, Mr. T, berating a speed-walking man, calling him "a disgrace to the man race." The tagline? "Get some nuts."

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation criticized Mars and its ad agency for perpetuating stereotypes of gay men. Mars issued a statement last night, saying that the commercial was intended to be funny, not offensive.

While I can see how the ad was meant to be funny, it might have taken things too far. After watching the spot below, let me know what you think. Do you feel the ad is cruel and insensitive, or was the whole situation blown out of proportion?


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getsomenutz getsomenutz 9 years
This isht was taken EXTREMLY out of context. I never even thought about the guy being gay. I laugh at speed walkers because the amount of energy extended to speed might as well bust out into a run. If I was Mr. T I would've got that sucka too..... Commercials are supposed to do one thing. Make you remember the product. If you can remember the ad....the commercial did its job. No one hear can say it wasn't funny when they guy busted out into a sprint...that was comedy !!! In fact if this aired during the superbowl it would have been on of the most memorable. What about the reebok ads featuring Terry Tate office linebacker....if you cant remember youtube terry tate office linebacker. I think gay rights groups were fishing extremely hard on this one. I makes me want to eat a snickers while watching the A-Team !!!! LOL....... How is this commercial any different from the other snickers ad on the snickers website. There is a 2nd commercial that Features Mr T chasing some fool down in a tank because he is whinning at a soccer match. I didn't see anyone jumping all over that one which is equally hilarious...GET SOME NUTZ FOOL and stop all dat JIBBA JABBER. In fact you should go to the snickers site right now to download the clips as well as getting some cool Mr T ringtones ....
smartsista smartsista 9 years
This commercial is so cute and funny! The world has gotten so messed up with its acceptance of everything immoral. Anyway, I didnt assume the little guy was gay, just speed walking. This commercial should have aired.
Chairface Chairface 9 years
it's bloody funny. wouldn't even thought about him bein gay if it wasn't brought up. those lines don't suggest that he's gay, just that he's doing a wimpy workout. as opposed to something tougher like running
chancleta chancleta 9 years
i think it's silly but funny
tdoughboy tdoughboy 9 years
So o.k. it's alright if a gay or straight acting gay is portrayed in a favorable light, but not o.k. if a perceived gay guy (perceived being the operative word but true because the is no indication at all by the commercial he is gay)is portrayed in a bad light? And if he is supposedly gay then is your stereotypical image of a gay guy what was portrayed in this commercial? If it is you have a low image of gay men. I'm just curious?
tdoughboy tdoughboy 9 years
So you prove the point you weren't put off by the SuperBowl Snickers commercial were you?
kajivar kajivar 9 years
Would your opinions change if it was a racial or religious stereotype Mr. T was chasing?
tdoughboy tdoughboy 9 years
Get over it! I didn't like the care for the Super Bowl commercial and since then have never bought a Snickers bar (that is called using your economic power)BUT I'm going to start again! Great commercial! Go Mr. "T".
Evalicious Evalicious 9 years
People are so damn over sensitive. All this PC crap is out of control! Why can't we just take things as they are - "ads".
courtneyd courtneyd 9 years
I haven't seen this commercial and I had to read the article 3 or 4 times to see what I was missing. My surprise when I figured out I had read it correctly... Since when does speed-walking = gay? The whole controversy surrounding this commercial is just silliness.
dlmslp dlmslp 9 years
this was funny! i never thought of the guy to be gay. gimmie a break. ms. a: mr. t would be nothing without his mohawk and chains. there's no other look for mr. t:)
dootsie dootsie 9 years
I just think that "speed walking" was a really random choice of man offense. I really think it's just too awkward, either way.
Ms--Anonymous Ms--Anonymous 9 years
Honestly I laughed at the commercial....not really at the speed walker(I didn't think anything about his sexuality)I was laughing moreso at Mr T in the back of a flying pickup truck plowing itself through houses in a residential neighborhood while sporting the samed tired look from what 20-30 yrs ago while screaming Get some nuts...He needs to get a new look!!!
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
That was awesome. That dude's switch was FANTASTIC. But, he's not gay enough imo. Now, Id say the commercial was homophobic IF: The Switchy Dude (in short shorts) was walking hand in hand with his Husband (in short shorts) pushing their Gay-by in its carriage, and THEN Mr. T told them that, THATS when all The Gays should attack. But now? Its just the LOLZ.
k-squared k-squared 9 years
Hahaha! this was hilarious. I want a snickers bar now. I didn't think it was homophobic, mostly because I know a lot of guys who are straight but act like that anyway. Who says the guy's gay, anyway?
stephley stephley 9 years
How are the lines "you're a disgrace to the man-race" and "it's time to run like a real man" not strong suggestions that the speedwalker is gay? And shooting anything at a person who you've just taunted?
o0Riptide0o o0Riptide0o 9 years
I just thought it was funny, man can anyting be funny without being offensive.
ayuninur ayuninur 9 years
I want a snickers bar now!!
OhSoOrdinary OhSoOrdinary 9 years
People need to calm down.
erikadee erikadee 9 years
def blown out of proportion. seriously who ever said the guy was gay?
mudnessa mudnessa 9 years
i find the commercial stupid but i think it may have been blown out of proportion as well.
shoneyjoe shoneyjoe 9 years
Now hold on a moment. I too think this commercial was inane, but I have to say that gay people certainly are not *seeking* out ways to become offended. The arguments today have totaled up to 1. it was a stupid commercial, 2. it was blown out of proportion, 3. PC people overreact and make the world less fun, and 4. gay people (or "agendists" as was the term used) are somehow out to pick fights. I'll agree with the first point - it was a stupid commercial. As to it being blown out of proportion, that's a really loaded and relativistic term. What makes one person uncomfortable might not even be noticed by the next person. A crack about having to act 'more manly' might not seem like a lot to a man who's never had to justify the way he acts, but the same crack can sting a man who is continually the butt of jokes for not conforming "closely enough" to an outdated gender model. It's not a matter of "I don't like it so I'm going to ban it", AmberHoney, but rather an understanding that prejudice is an unconscious process that is aided by the cultural and linguistic cues all around us. If it's possible to reduce the number of inherently prejudicial cultural and linguistic cues, perhaps that in turn will affect the way that innate prejudice is formed in our minds. There may be nothing on the surface of the Snicker's ad that clearly damages gays, but that doesn't mean it won't inform our cultural leanings in more subtle but no less damaging ways. But even if I were to disagree that the commercial should have been taken off the air, surely I can see why it might be offensive. Saying that the group that campaigned to get the ad stricken speaks for the entire gay community is a bit like saying that the Klan speaks for the white Christian community. And finally, NdHebert, I like Snickers too. I don't think the people who wanted this ad off the air hate Snickers. I think they disagree with the idiotic people who put the ad together. You seem to imply that some people sit at the TV and manufacture reasons to be offended: I don't think you need to manufacture a reason to find this offensive, I think it's there.
kajivar kajivar 9 years
Me and my gay agenda find the commercial completely stupid.
NdHebert NdHebert 9 years
I like Snickers! I dont like when gay people seek out ways to become offended!
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