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Since the dawn of time (or at least since we've had Facebook, boyfriends, and access to cars), girls our age have been delicately balancing family and friends.

New Balance believes that we can feel good as we become addicted to the unexpected pleasures of being active and eating well. Now we want to find out how you keep your life balanced and indulgences in check.

We will be posting a series of questions over the next few weeks asking for your tips to a balanced life — this means THREE more chances to win! At the end of the contest, one balance-tip-submitter will be selected to win the grand prize (aka checking into the ultimate in indulgence and balance: a spa weekend getaway)!

Dare to share your balancing tips below and be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card to

Think you've unlocked the secret to balancing your bustling social life with family life? Comment and win!

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Erin-from-Long-Island Erin-from-Long-Island 6 years
I am actually unique in that my family all lives really close and most of my friends are far away. I pretty much drop everything when they are visiting
BigTexasRedneck BigTexasRedneck 6 years
I make time for the important events in my friends life & my familys.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
SPACE... We give each other space. But the trick is to known when to & when to not. My hubby & I have been together for 15 yrs & we still stay up late into the night talking. We take walks & hold hands. But when we need space to spend time with family or friends we give it to each other without guilt.
mbass210 mbass210 6 years
My family lives either far across the state or half a country away, but I make sure to keep in touch with everyone at the very least weekly. I kick back and have fun with my friends when I get a break from work and school, but make sure to keep family time a priority whenever the opportunity arises for a few days back at home with my parents, or a special birthday dinner with my grandmother or aunt. Keeping in touch helps keep me grounded and reminds me how much love and support my family always has to offer :)
jvanlohn jvanlohn 6 years
If I have a chance to hang out with my family, I take it. My friends can come hang out with my brothers and me or I can see them another time.
annc999 annc999 6 years
I choose family over my own social agenda most of the time. As a family, we have "movie night" and everyone gets to pick a meal one night during the week.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 6 years
My family moved out of the country, so I just need to make sure I fly out to visit them and keep in touch with email.
zc zc 6 years
Friday nights are reserved for Big family dinners and the Saturday night is all about the friends. It's not only the time you spend with family and friends but it's the quality of time. if you're with your family really be with them and if you're with your friends really be with them.
SJO775 SJO775 6 years
I live close to my family and see them all of the time, but it goes without saying that my friends who live farther away I naturally get to see less. So sometimes I'll make them a care package with homemade cookies, or I'll write a card on fancy stationery just to let them know I'm thinking of them. In a day when email, Facebook, and texting are the norm, I think it is an extra special treat to send something in the mail. I also use 1/3 of my vacation days from work for friends. Plan, plan, plan! See if any airlines have promo codes where you can get a discount on flights, or use sites like Orbitz or Kayak, where you can get some nice packaged deals with a flight and hotel. I'm lucky I get to see my family all of the time, but planning trips and sending mail always helps me balance out my friendships and family time!
MyStyleSpot MyStyleSpot 6 years
When I got married last year, I moved 3 hours away from all my family and friends! :( At first I would make trips back home all the time, but found that it was putting stress on our finances and marriage! now i've found that making a trip home once a month for a couple of days to catch up with friends and/or family, gives me that boost I need that only comes from being around your girls, but doesn't cause extra stress on my relationship with my man. The most important thing is the quality of time I spend when i go home, so I make sure to make it all about talking with my friends, so I can really soack up the time with my girls. And when I visit my family, I make it about doing a fun activity.
emptywalls09 emptywalls09 6 years
Life is a balancing act, you can plan, schedule, even prioritize but you can't contain the unexpected that always lurks nearby. I take each day as it was my last; i make time for family breakfast, lunch or dinner. Call my parents and friends or email them with something funny or share how my week has been. Small things like that make for a better, brighter, and more enjoyable day especially when you know you've shared a moment of your time with the people you love.
jenniferpryor jenniferpryor 6 years
i live far away from the rest of my family, but with facebook we can give each other updates on what we're up to every day, and we do our best to chat on the phone every sunday evening.
myprayerpillows myprayerpillows 6 years
I balance by firstly spending quality time with my husband.
mornnglo28 mornnglo28 6 years
My fiancee and I get up early to walk the dogs and go to the gym, in case the evenings get so crazy we don't see each other again. I call my parents every other day to check in and I check in with other family members at least once a month, either via a call or visit. I try to catch as many of my niece and nephews events as I can. I get to see them in action and growing up and it gives me time to chat with my brothers and sister-in-laws. Friend time is hard because my closest friend is over an hour away, but I try to fit in one date a month with each of my three best friends. And we talk/email/Facebook/text constantly
prillamon prillamon 6 years
The "secret" to keeping my life balanced? Exercising with my fiance. We do up to 12 hours of judo and brazilian jiu jitsu TOGETHER every week. It helps that we are approximately the same technical skill; we're both motivated to not let one get far ahead of the other. At the same time, we train together and help each other learn the techniques properly. We take the judo principle to heart: mutual welfare and benefit! Another tip that I have found really works is that I take the time to talk to my beloveds about non-work-related topics for 10 minutes a day. It seems like a little thing, but it truly helps connect me to the people I love!
mscc mscc 6 years
I check in with my family weekly no matter where I am, thanks to cell phones, e-mail, facebook, and Skype.
wags0007 wags0007 6 years
I make sure to spend quality time with both friends and family. My friends and I walk around the lakes in the area after work. Mt family lives out of state but we still manage to spend all major holidays together and schedule phone dates.
erinesweeney erinesweeney 6 years
Since I don't live close to my family, I schedule phone dates weekly. I schedule workout time with friends to kill two birds with one stone. "Me" time is right before I go to bed and read a good book!
Jamie3212207 Jamie3212207 6 years
I make sure that my friends always feel like a part of my extended family, so making time for them is never a problem. By keeping everyone close, life is a lot simpler, and there is no need to balance time between friends and family when they are one in the same. Whenever I need a little time for myself, I take it! Good friends will understand when you need to be alone, and family will always be there for you no matter what. Life is all about balancing that time for yourself with time for others and making sure that you are surrounded with loving people who understand you and your needs.
mpareja mpareja 6 years
I call my mom and we figure out what to make with the scraps in my fridge. Not only does it solve the problem of what to eat (a reoccurring one!) but it's a chance to actually talk to my mom, which rarely happens since we both have such busy lives at the moment. She's about to become a principal!
stormvikki stormvikki 6 years
I take two weekends each month to spend time with kids and grandkids. We play. go out to eat, go to Arts and Crafts, etc
Abbigail Abbigail 6 years
It's a matter of what is important at that time. If I don't have anything going on during the weekends, I always go home to visit family. It ends up being a great 50/50 balance
katygmorris katygmorris 6 years
To get and maintain balance in my life I look at these core areas: my love life, my social life (which IS different from my love life), my family life, my physical/ health life, my work life and my spiritual life. I always want these to be the main focus of all of my activity. Many times I can just ask myself if a certain activity support one of these core areas. If it doesn't fit, I allow myself to say no. Also, meditation and yoga have been amazing balancing tools for me this year. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)
ICEMAN63100 ICEMAN63100 6 years
You do the best you can, but family life trumps social life.
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