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Why is it that right when you and your sweetheart are getting along famously, your friends suddenly feel out of the loop?

New Balance believes that we can feel good as we become addicted to the unexpected pleasures of being active and eating well. Now we want to find out how you keep your life balanced and indulgences in check.

We will be posting a series of questions over the next five weeks asking for your tips to a balanced life — this means FIVE chances to win! At the end of the contest, one balance-tip-submitter will be selected to win the grand prize (aka checking into the ultimate in indulgence and balance: a spa weekend getaway)!

Have you mastered the BF vs. BFF balancing act? If so, help a sista out! How do you balance a social life with your relationship? Dare to share your balancing tips below and be automatically entered for a chance to win a $250 gift card to and the spa getaway weekend!

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BigTexasRedneck BigTexasRedneck 6 years
We trust each other. So even when we are apart we are still together.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
SPACE... We give each other space. But the trick is to known when to & when to not. My hubby & I have been together for 15 yrs & we still stay up late into the night talking. We take walks & hold hands. But when we need space to spend time with family or friends we give it to each other without guilt.
mbass210 mbass210 6 years
I make sure to keep my boyfriend as a priority and my girlfriends priorities, but separate. It's a way of balancing that speaks of the "separate but equal" philosophy. I have date nights with my boyfriend, free from interruptions, but I also make sure to have date nights with my girlfriends, at least once per month so I get enough time with my girls, and I put enough effort and attention into my relationship with my guy. It seems to work and bring some balance into our lives so far :)
Erin-from-Long-Island Erin-from-Long-Island 6 years
lucky for me, my circle of friends includes my man, my girls, and some other guys (single and with other friends). We all get along great so its a very fluid situation as far as hanging out goes
hyacinthgirl hyacinthgirl 6 years
Keeping my love life and social life is very easy for me! I see my friends often, and about 50% of the time, my partner hangs out with us. Other times, it's just for girls. In past relationships, I have lost the friendships I had because I devoted all of my time to my partner. This time around, I know the time with my partner is as important as the time away from my partner. Doing our own thing gives us the independence we need.
annc999 annc999 6 years
Communication, non-judgment, and mutual love and respect. We have been happily married for over 12 years. We don't want anyone to ever envy us; we want everyone to be as happy as us. Happy to spread the wealth. :)
MsRFane MsRFane 6 years
Date night with husband and girls night with friends. I always make sure my husband get guys night (got to keep him happy). Every once in awhile throw in group date make for perfect balance.
the1cyn the1cyn 6 years
Deep breathing before saying something negative
MyStyleSpot MyStyleSpot 6 years
I had to learn this the hard way years ago when I got in my first real serious relationship. Unfortunately I did what a lot of girls did and spent every minute with him and completely dumped my friends. After five years with this guy, when the relationship ended, I realized my friends had all moved on and I was left their to mourn the loss of love....alone. After that, I learned a great lesson and now in the three relationships I've had since, I make it a point to make time for my friends. I actually have really come to enjoy it because it gives me time to miss my man and really appreciate him. I also get that feel good feeling you can only get from time spent with the girls. This keeps me more happy then I would ever be without one or the other.
emptywalls09 emptywalls09 6 years
The fact of the matter is, there is no real solution for balancing your relationship and your friends. Sometimes friends have to take a back seat when it comes down to a your relationship with your significant other. You may thing that’s wrong but it’s the truth, friends are a dime a dozen but with it comes to a relationship now that’s special. Balance your friends around your relationship not vice versa, if they are good friends they'll understand.
jenniferpryor jenniferpryor 6 years
my husband travels a lot for work, so i use the time he's away to invite the girls over or have girls' nights out. it helps pass the time until he returns, and my friends understand that when he is home we like to have a couple of quiet nights at home together. including everyone's significant others and kids in our plans is a great solution to the BF v. BFF situation as well- it brings us all closer!
wags0007 wags0007 6 years
I am married and my hubby is a homebody and I like to be busy -- I am able to spend the day with my friends and come home to dinner with my hubby.
twlightz twlightz 6 years
Sounds crazy,but between a hectic work schedule, dog, friends, and fiance I organize things on my Blackberry and Google account. It works though!
cali_student cali_student 6 years
I keep it pretty organic. I don't get too hung up if a friend has to bail once in a while on plans to hang out because she wouldn't be a close friend if she wasn't doing it for a good reason and I get the same respect back. But close friends are a blessing and I do make every effort to call or meet up with BFF's when we get time in our busy lives together. My BF and I live together so we get lots of a quality time on a daily basis. We definitely take time out to go on dates and hang out with mutual friends together, but it also allows more flexibility with being able to reschedule a date if a BFF really needs a night out or a talk over coffee.
Dogasa Dogasa 6 years
Knowing how to separate those 2 different worlds! The time that you spend with your friends is as important as the time with your BF. Balance; Let your friends know when is BF time and vice-verse. Respect; you BF has to respect your own time, and if you decide to spend it with your besties then you have the entire right to do it, but your BFF have to understand that your time with your boo is just for him ;) When you have BALANCE and RESPECT, girl you can work things out! ;)
elizalouise elizalouise 6 years
To achieve an ideal balance, I try and do things with my partner and my friends (all together), go on double dates,etc. That way, I am able to maximize the time I'm spending with everyone in my life. Also, I am try to turn unconventional things (ie a trip to the farmers market) into something fun to do with my group of friends. Finally, I find that staying in contact (via text, facebook, etc) with my friends and my partner daily, also helps me to stay connected. It is all about being resourceful!
misslilad misslilad 6 years
luckily for me my bf and bff get along really well. they even play music together, but still there is a need for some alone time. for the bf, we have a date night once a week that is just us, no friends. for the girlfriend, we also have a girls' night too of gabbing and red wine. sometimes if he's lucky, we will let the bf join us after a few hours
ICEMAN63100 ICEMAN63100 6 years
It ain't easy- I just have to stop & take a breath, look around, every once in a while.
sgdish sgdish 6 years
Communication is key. Right from the beginning, you can't change existing relationships when a new person enters the picture. Negotiate best times with each parties. Your guy will need time for his friends and hobbies too, so work around the schedule, and the schedule for your friends, and compromise! Don't be one of those lame friends that only calls your girlfriends when you don't have a date! Don't let your friends feel that they are on "standby". Keep in mind those girls are the ones in it for the long haul...until you find Mr. Right, and then some things will change because you may be starting a family soon, and you only have so much time in the day... Try to make special plans with friends...girls nights or even weekend getaways...
matzsmith matzsmith 6 years
The only way to do this, short and simple, is not to lose yourself.
Gr8tfulDayz Gr8tfulDayz 6 years
I always help them find a common interest to start their won friendship. But you also have to do special one-on-one activities with both. Same goes for kids!
gingrlj gingrlj 6 years
Balancing is an important part of life! From stretching in yoga, managing a bank account, keeping a nutritious eating habit, and stabilizing social relationships balancing is used all the time. In my relationship with my boyfriend we try to make sure we each have time for our own hobbies/interests. He enjoys playing video games or going for long hikes. I happen to have waves of baking days and crafting moments. When we get together this creates a time to share our triumphs and enjoy a create meal resulting in new ex[experiences as a couple. I think balance is very healthy for a stable relationship allowing for "me time" and helps me enjoy our "together time" even more.
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