This week, fast food chain Sonic Drive-In released the first of a new series of ads that mimic MTV's The Hills. "The Stalls," as the advertising miniseries is called, begins by featuring the classic Sonic duo Pete and T.J. in a car at Sonic. After the two rave about banana pudding shakes, Pete announces he's met the girl of his dreams.

Lured in to the drama of the to-be-continued commercial series, I visited Sonic's official "The Stalls" website, where I previewed clips from the rest of the miniseries. Coming soon, I learned, "the drama heats up for T.J. and Pete over a couple of shakes and blasts." This new promotion airs weekly during episodes of The Hills, and actually ties in to other sponsorships between Sonic and MTV.

Check out the clip below. I think the series is hilarious and I can't wait to watch the rest of the mini episodes. Will you be trying to catch them as well?