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Speedy Romero's S'mores Chocolate Cake

Exactly How Bad Do You Want In on This Seared S'mores Cake?

What happens when you take a piping-hot brand and place it on top of mallow fluff? The Brooklyn, NY, restaurant Speedy Romeo know what — it melts and toasts to perfection. Speedy Romeo, known for its pizzas and steaks, thought up this insane idea for a chocolate cake dessert, which features crushed graham cracker, gooey chocolate cake, and a hefty topping of seared mallow fluff. Images of the treat are blowing up on Instagram right now. Watch out — it may become a bigger deal than the raindrop cake.

How badly do you want to try this seared s'mores cake?
So badly that I'm actually angry it's not in my mouth right now.
Eh. Cool idea, but I'll pass.
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