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The Best Spring Snaps on Instagram

Apr 18 2013 - 2:23pm

Stocking up on pineapples and seasonal veggies lately? The answer's probably yes, since so many of you have been snapping pictures of your delicious Spring produce [1] and foods on Instagram. There's no doubt we're loving all the bright colors and flavors (we can just about taste them) coming through. Click on to see some of our favorite pictures, and don't forget to keep tagging your bites on Instagram [2] with #savorysight all season long. Here's to seeing Spring in our feeds and on our plates!

Fruit and Yogurt

You can never go wrong with strawberries and yogurt as part of your breakfast — or as part of any daytime snack, really.

Source: Instagram user dadouchic [3]

Homemade Bars

There's no time like Spring to enjoy homemade bars made from dates, almonds, apricots, and coconut.

Source: Instagram user lorihost [4]

Springtime Cocktail

Even if you're in the middle of rain, like this Instagram user was, you can still dream up a warm-weather poolside drink.

Source: Instagram user nikkisoda [5]

Buttermilk Biscuits

These homemade buttermilk biscuits topped with ricotta, prosciutto, and greens almost — emphasis on almost — look too pretty to eat.

Source: Instagram user anniescudder [6]

Zucchini Tots

Zucchini tots with ham and cucumbers would make the perfect springtime brunch bite.

Source: Instagram user emily_kiko [7]

Veggie Toast

We're loving this simple but filling treat made from some Spring staples like cilantro, tomato, and avocado.

Source: Instagram user sprint2thetable [8]

Bundt Cake

What's a Spring celebration without mini bundt cakes in fun flavors like lemon and carrot topped with cream cheese frosting?

Source: Instagram user susannahchen [9]

Berry Waffle

A sweet waffle and berry breakfast that can double as dessert? We'll take it.

Source: Instagram user vvvvvvvssim [10]


Did you know pineapples are at their sweet peak from about March to July? That means the perfect time to scoop them up is now!

Source: Instagram user itsjoycie [11]


Whether we're making our own or buying it at the market, jams from seasonal produce are high on our Spring must-have list.

Source: Instagram user lorihost [12]

Chicken Salad

Here's a salad you can enjoy on the porch when it's warm out — chicken mixed with hummus, cucumber, broccoli slaw, and kabocha squash and topped with apple cider vinegar.

Source: Instagram user sprint2thetable [13]

Mixed Green Salad

It's time to say bye to your favorite soups and hello to springtime salads — like this mix of tomatoes, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, and turkey.

Source: Instagram user doreese [14]

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